• Born in Cinadovo, Czechoslovakia in 1921.(Cinadovo became part of Hungary during World War II)
  • Father was a tailor. Family lived a comfortable life.
  • Nazis invaded her town in April, 1944.
  • Hungarian collaborators rounded up all the Jewish men and took them to City Hall. The women and children were taken later in the day.
  • All were taken to an old building in Mukachevo and were forced to remain there for two weeks.
  • Helen and her twin sister Pearl were 23 years old at the time.
  • All of the Jews were forced onto cattle cars and taken to Auschwitz.
  • The journey lasted 3 days. There was no food or water.
  • Josef Mengele met the train at Auschwitz and immediately separated all of the twins from the group. This was the last time that Helen and Pearl saw the rest of their family including 2 young nieces.
  • Helen and her sister were taken to a special barrack where numbers were tattooed on their arms.
  • They were subjected to medical experiments run by Mengele.
  • When they were not being subjected to experiments, they were forced to take dead bodies to the crematorium.
  • They were taken on a Death March from Jan. 1945 to May, 1945 when they were liberated.
  • Helen’s twin sister Pearl passed away last year. They were both members of and organization called CANDLES (Children of Auschwitz Nazi Deadly Lab Experiment Survivors)





Jews in Czechoslovakia

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Death March