• Born in 1938 in Paris, France.
  • Parents were originally from Poland and had joined the Bund. They chose to leave Poland and move to France because they anticipated trouble in Poland.
  • During the war, Simcha’s father was arrested by the Vichy police and sent to a labor camp called Phitivier. From there, he was sent to Auschwitz and never returned.
  • Simcha’s mother was frightened and was able to hide Simcha with a Catholic family in a nearby suburb.
  • Simcha was raised as a Catholic during the war.
  • Simcha’s mother died in 1945, but was able to notify family in America about her son’s whereabouts.
  • Simcha’s Hasidic family from Soviet Asia found out about his whereabouts from the American relatives and went to France to retrieve Simcha.
  • In 1950, Simcha came to the United States. By that point, he had changed from a devout Catholic boy to an Orthodox Hasid.


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