• Born in a small town in Germany in 1923.


  • Was 10 years old when Hitler came to power in 1933   My realization that something was going on was when we came home from the Temple on a Saturday morning that year and saw two men in Nazi uniform standing in front of our house.  They were strangers to us – we had never seen them before.  My father’s furniture store was in our house and they were there to prevent anybody from coming into the store. 


  • Went to a high school in a town about half an hour away by train.    None of my so called friends would have any contact with me any more. 


  • 1937, I had heard a lot of talk in our house about Jewish people leaving Germany or trying to.  
  • My father discovered a distant relative of ours who lived in Pittsburgh.  He managed to have me included with a group of about ten other Jewish kids to come to the U.S.  A Jewish organization in Germany that was affiliated with the Council of Jewish Women in the states, took responsibility for getting us out of Germany safely. 


  • I was put me on a train to Hamburg.
  • We were taken on board the ship the following morning and the 10 day journey to the U.S. began. 


  • Once we arrived in N.Y., we were met by representative of the Council of Jewish Women and were put up in a hotel for the night.
  • The following day, we were taken individually to our trains and went individually to our destination which, in my case, was Pittsburgh, PA.  When the train got there, after an eight hour trip, I was met by a representative of the Council of Jewish Women and by my father’s cousin who took me to her home via streetcar.
  • After about six weeks, I started going to a regular high school . This school had about  3,000  students.


  • Within a few months, I got used to my new environment still hoping at that point that soon in the future my parents and sisters would follow. Some of my teachers were kind enough to sponsor my parents, but to no avail because of World War II.  Only one sister survived and followed me.


  • After I graduated from High School, I moved to N.Y. until I was drafted into the army early in 1943. 
  • I was sent to Europe just before D-Day in June 1944.
  • I was in various places in France and finally ended up in Northern Germany as part of the army of occupation.


  • After being discharged from the army in December 1945, I moved back to N.Y and stayed there till June. 


  • U.S. government job in Germany, listening in to German phone conversations and reporting anything that seemed suspicious. 


  • After  two years I returned to the States, got married  and went to college under the GI bill of rights. Received my Bachelors  and Masters Degree and after graduating worked for the U.S. Government in Washington, D.C. for two years. 


  • I then moved to private industry and my last job was as Editor of a trade publication for a trade publication in the electronics field. 


  • My wife and I have two children and four grandchildren.  


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