• My grandmother was born on October 1, 1928 in Ardud, Romania.


  • My grandmother had three siblings: an older sister Chana, an older brother Yitzchak, and a younger brother Dovid. My grandmotherís family ran a small seltzer factory from their house. In 1939 when my grandmother was 10 years old her mother passed away. My grandmother had a close knit family and spent lots of time with her cousins. Two of these cousins were active members in the communist party so my great uncles were told not to spend too much time with them because they might get into trouble. My grandmother lived a relatively peaceful and quiet life until 1944 at which point the war came to her.


  • April 15, 1944 was the last day of Pesach. That night after the holiday, before my grandmotherís family even had a chance to put away the Pesach dishes the Nazis arrived at their home. My grandmother and her family were sent to a ghetto in Satmar where they lived for about five months in squalor and misery.


  • On Friday May 26, my grandmother and her sister were deported to Auschwitz where they spent six horrific months until October 1944. My grandmother and her sister were then sent to the Hochweiler work camp. During her stay there my grandmother had to do hard labor such as cutting down trees and digging trenches.


  • In January 1945 she was placed on a death march to the nearby Gross-Rosen concentration camp where she stayed for a month.


  • From Gross-Rosen she was subsequently deported to Bergen-Belsen, the last concentration camp she was in. She remained there from February 1945 until April 15, 1945. On April 15 the British liberated the camp. My grandmother’s sister Chana, who was with her throughout the entirety of the war died from typhus the day after their liberation (this date is a bit inconclusive as my grandmother was also suffering from typhus at the time).


  • After the war my grandmother moved in with the two aforementioned communist cousins in Satmar. At the urging of her two cousins my grandmother completed her high school education. After moving out she lived in a women’s home for a few years. On May 3, 1953 she married my grandfather Leo Gross, their first child, Avi, was born on November 11, 1954 in Satmar. Their second child Yecheil (1/15/59) was also born in Romania. After Yecheil was born my grandparents already were trying to leave Romania and in 1960 received visas for Austria and lived in Vienna before ultimately immigrating to Brooklyn in 1962. On April 5, 1963 my mother and her twin were born in Crown Heights Brooklyn. Since 1981 my grandmother has been living in Borough Park.



















DP Camps





http://www.ushmm.org/wlc/en/ (put DP camps in search box)






Bergen Belsen Displaced Persons Camp









 Bergen Belsen